Links - December 2008- Software on a Counselor's Budget

Office Productivity - Open Office / Neo Office
NeoOffice for Mac - http://www.neooffice.org
OpenOffice for Windows -

Graphics Editor - Gimp
GNU Image Manipulation Program - http://www.gimp.org

Statistical Analysis - EzAnalyze
EZAnalyze Statistical Analysis - http://www.ezanalyze.com

Online applications
Google Apps menu - http://www.google.com/intl/en/options/

Links - November 2008 - Marching home again...

Government resources
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs - http://www.va.gov
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Facility Locator -
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs vet Center Home -
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Veterans Service Organizations -

Non-government resources
Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans - http://coalitionforveterans.org
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America -
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans -
Swords to Plowshares -
Disabled American Veterans -

Support groups, online forums, and war narratives
Vets4Vets - http://www.vets4vets.us
NAMI Online Discussion Groups: Veterans -
Online Forum for Iraq War Veterans -
Home Fires Blog -
Talk of the Nation - Home Fires audio -
Electronic Iraq: War Ever Day Blog -

Employment and G.I. Bill resources for veterans
U.S. Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment & Training Service -
Hire Vets First -
Dept. of Veterans Affairs G.I. Bill Website -
G.I. Bill Information -

Resources for Families
U.S. Dept. of Defense Military Homefront - http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil
Soldiers’ Angels -
Military Family Support Webring -
Operation Homefront -

PTSD information
National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - http://www.ncptsd.va.gov/ncmain/index.jsp
National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Publications -
The Mental Heath Channel Guide to PTSD -
PyschCentral.com Treatment of PTSD -
Wives Living with PTSD -

Links - October 2008 - Kickin' the Net

Introductory Material
Issues for DSM-V: Internet Addiction - http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/165/3/306
Psych Central - Internet Addiction and Online Addiction - http://psychcentral.com/netaddiction
What is “Normal” Internet Use? - http://mentalhealth.about.com/cs/sexaddict/a/normalinet.htm
In Korea, a Boot Camp Cure for Web Obsession - http://nytimes.com/2007/11/18/technology/18rehab.html
My Kid is Internet Addicted - http://china.org.cn/english/China/222358.htm

General information links
Overview of Internet addiction disorder - http://minddisorders.com/Flu-Inv/Internet-addiction-disorder.html
AllPsych Journal - Internet Addiction Disorder - http://allpsych.com/journal/internetaddiction.html
IIAR - Internet Addiction - http://addictionrecov.org/internet.htm
Internet Addiction Test (IAT) - http://netaddiction.com/resources/internet_addiction_test.htm
Internet Addiction Treatment - http://mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=3832&cn=66
Center for Internet Addiction Recovery - http://netaddiction.com/default.aspx
Symptoms, Self-help, and Tips for Parents - http://helpguide.org/mental/internet_cybersex_addiction.htm
The Consequences of Internet Addiction - http://jtc.colstate.edu/vol2_1/Addiction.htm

Online Gaming / Virtual Worlds
Video Game Addiction No Fun - http://webmd.com/content/article/124/115554
Video Game Addiction - http://videogameaddiction.net
Video Games and the Brain - http://med.stanford.edu/news_releases/2008/february/videobrain.html
Is SL conducive to mental health? - http://slnn.com/index.php?SCREEN=article&about=mental-health-conf-3-08&page=1
Second Life Addiction - http://secondlifeinsider.com/2006/12/19/addiction-lost-loved-ones/

Online gambling
The National Council on Problem Gambling - http://ncpgambling.org
Online Poker Addiction Forum - http://ocf.berkeley.edu/~brianz/index.html
Sleep Deprivation from Online Poker - http://addiction.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Sleep_Deprivation_from_Online_Gambling_Addiction
Gamblers Anonymous - http://gamblersanonymous.org/

Understanding Addictive Cybersex - http://sexualrecovery.com/resources/articles/understanding.php
Cybersex Virtual-Addiction - http://virtual-addiction.com/a_cybersex.htm
FAQ about Cybersex - http://sexualrecovery.com/resources/articles/cyberfaq.php
AAMFT CU Online Infidelity - http://aamft.org/families/Consumer_Updates/OnlineInfidelity.asp

Online auction addiction
My Obsession with eBay ™ - http://wired.com/wired/archive/7.01/ebay.html
HealthyPlace.com Addictions Community - http://healthyplace.com/Communities/Addictions/netaddiction/articles/zdnet_bidding_broke.htm
Online auction addiction quiz - http://netaddiction.com/resources/auction_houses.htm
ReadMe – Online auction - http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/ReadMe/past/3.0/espinosa_3.html

Links - September 2008 - What's in your tech toolbox? (Part 2)

2007 ACES Technical Competencies for Counselor Education

7: Be able to use the Internet effectively as a resource for clients and yourself.
Susan E. Beck’s Evaluation of Web Sources guide – lib.nmsu.edu/instruction/evalcrit.html
The Web Search Help Center – google.com/help/refinesearch.html
A Short and Easy Search Engine Tutorial – pandia.com/goalgetter/index.html

8: Be able to subscribe and participate in counseling-related Listservs or other Internet-based professional communication applications.
CESNET, Counselor Education and Supervision Network – listserv.kent.edu/archives/cesnet-l.html
COUNSGRADS, an International Listserv for Counselor Education students – coe.ohio-state.edu/dgranello/listserv_information.htm

9: Be able to access and use counseling-related research databases.
Journal of Counseling & Development and Counselor Education and Supervision – aca.metapress.com/
The Free Library – thefreelibrary.com
Google Scholar – scholar.google.com

10: Be able to use the Internet to locate, evaluate and use continuing education, professional development and supervision options in counseling.
ACA Online Learning – counseling.org/Resources/OnlineLearning.aspx
NBCC Continuing Education Providers – nbcc.org/continuing_ed_providers
Journal for Specialists in Group Work Continuing Education – asgw.org/continuing_education.asp
Professional School Counseling Continuing Education – schoolcounselor.org (look for link in “Publications”)

11: Be able to perform basic computer operation and maintenance tasks.
AVG Free Antivirus Software – free.avg.com
Zone Alarm Free Firewall – zonealarm.com/store/content/catalog/products/zonealarm_free_firewall.jsp
Basic Computer Maintenance Tips – hubpages.com/hub/basic-computer-maintenance

12: Be knowledgeable about legal, ethical and efficacy issues associated with delivery of counseling services via the Internet.
NBCC’s “The Practice of Internet Counseling” – nbcc.org/webethics2
ACA Code of Ethics – counseling.org/Resources/CodeOfEthics/TP/Home/CT2.aspx
Ethical Standards for School Counselors – schoolcounselor.org/content.asp?contentid=173

Links - August 2008 - What's in your tech toolbox? (Part 1)

2007 ACES Technical Competencies for Counselor Education

1: Be able to use productivity software for word documents, webpages, spreadsheets
Microsoft Office Help - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/
Apple iWork Help - http://www.apple.com/support/iwork/
Open Office Help - http://documentation.openoffice.org/

2: Be able to use tech equipment (audiovisual) for training purposes
Adobe Connect Pro - http://tryit.adobe.com/us/connectpro/webconference/
LCD Guides and Tutorials - http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/lcd-projector.html
Skype Videocalls - http://www.skype.com/allfeatures/videocall/

3: Be able to use and develop multimedia documents/presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint
iWork Keynote Tutorial - http://www.apple.com/iwork/keynote
Creating DVDs and CDs - http://pcworld.about.com/news/Sep142004id117720.htm
Presentation Helper - http://www.presentationhelper.co.uk/

4: Be able to use statistical software to organize and analyze data

Baycon Group Excel Tutorial - http://www.baycongroup.com/el0.htm
NCSU SPSS Tutorial - http://www.chass.ncsu.edu/training/SPSS/
UCLA Stat Computing SPSS - http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/spss/
Trifilettis’s SAS Tutorials - http://web.fccj.org/~jtrifile/SAS2.html

5: Be able to use computerized and/or internet-based testing programs
Dr. Azy Barak’s References for Online Testing - http://construct.haifa.ac.il/~azy/reftest.htm
Dr. Timothy Baker’s CounselingSurveys.org - http://www.counselingsurveys.org
NCDA Guidelines for Internet Use in Career Counseling - http://www.ncda.org

6: Be able to use email
The Art of Writing Good E-mails - http://www.netwriting.co.uk/2007/05/21/the-art-of-writing-good-emails/
Professional E-mail Guidelines - http://www1.umn.edu/umcf/resource/emailguide.html
Electronic Protected Health Information - http://www.yale.edu/ppdev/Procedures/hipaa/5123/5123PR1.pdf

Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the companion site for The Digital Psyway, a column in the American Counseling Association’s monthly journal, Counseling Today. When I was approached about doing a column on technology application for counselors, I was thrilled. Shortly thereafter, CT Editor Jonathan Rollins and I realized that if we are going to publish in print the URLs of great web resources for counselors, that we would also need an web format for readers to go to easily access the links. (Who still laboriously types in those long URLs anymore in a modern point-and-click world?)

So this is the beginning of DigitalPsyway.typepad.com weblog. Starting as a location for the the monthly links that appear in the print version of the column. Hopefully it will expand into a forum with the column as a center piece, but other discussions emerging from this resource.

Links - July 2008 - Hacking Your Life

David Allen’s Getting Things Done

Commonly used GTD (Getting Things Done) software

Merlin Mann’s 43 folders

Inbox zero